Galaxy Rangers Reviewed: Series 6 Podcast, Episode 9

This time we review Episode 9, titled “One Million Emotions”!

We’re joined by Rabbi Bob as we review this beautiful episode.  Jay plans to become an exterminator, RD spots a Mexican pimp in the making, and Rabbi Bob brings the episode to a complete stop…and it’s awesome!

All this, and one million other things are contained in this flawlessly animated, beautifully written, Oh-filled episode.

Here’s Michael Parks in Kill Bill Vol. 2 channeling the bird pimp!  Can you tell which is which?  I didn’t think so…

Images provided by Rabbi Bob


Outro Tune:  Centurions Opening Theme

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  1. You are fantastic! The 2! I love your pranks and they make me laugh and realize things I did not know before. A very fun show to have a good time in good company. Keep it up guys! Congratulations!!!

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