Galaxy Rangers Reviewed: Series 6 Podcast, Episode 10

Happy New Year, internet!

After a long break, RD and Jay review Episode 10, titled “Traash”!

Jay plans a trip to the Mediterranean.   RD goes full Tropic Thunder.   Niko threatens to kill millions of beings…but in a nice way!

All that and…MORE BUGS in the Traashiest, most bilingual episode ever!


Images provided by Rabbi Bob


Outro Tune:  Pole Position Theme

3 Replies to “Galaxy Rangers Reviewed: Series 6 Podcast, Episode 10”

  1. Well,’ve embroidered it! Awesome! Terribly funny! You have left the bar very high. Can you improve this in Mindnet? Difficult task, but put it to that yes.Jayce, a Spanish kiss from me. and a hug to RD. guys: “Take care of your minds”. Happiness.

    1. Thank you, María! We’re happy you enjoyed our review of Traash. We’ll do our best to make our Mindnet review even better, now that we know you’re listening!


  2. Thank You, Maria. the next Episode can’t help but be better since the last one was “Traash”…. 😉 ……. Ok i know that wasn’t that funny. i’m stopping now.


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